Home Church -Maroubra

Bunny Ears

Jessica – in Chair – Agnes – Simeon kneeling and luke Leaning

Yesterday was the 4th Sunday of Advent and the last Sunday in Advent before Christmas. As is usual in our small Community we hold Home church at Maroubra in the afternoon after the morning Service.

This week three of our group arrived early for various reasons to enjoy a Christmas lunch with Br Andrew and Jessica whose home we visit on these occasions.

Jessica, who spends most of her time in a motorized wheelchair finds it difficult to travel to the Mountains owing to poor public transport in this great nation of ours – sarcasm – hence we have made it the practice to bring church to her once a month.

While Br Andrew left to meet two pother’s from Central Railway station Jessica stayed home to mind the fort and to wait for one of our Srs who was arriving early.

By the time we had finished lunch Br Luke, our Pastor arrived from the Mountains, just in time for Eucharist, which this week was Celebrated by Br Andrew -in his own home for the first time since his Ordination.

Br Luke preached a Sermon about the Magnificat which I will load here as soon as he emails it to me, in which he mentioned that ” if the Angel Gabriel was to suddenly appear at his side he hoped he would be wearing brown” – not Gabriel, himself.

More later.

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