Virtual Church – 10th January 2016

Today was the memorial or remembrance or recall of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, and we had had the same Gospel from Mark during Advent. I had also preached on that Sunday too.

I felt drawn to the baptism of the Spirit and so called for any who would like to be Sealed in the Holy Spirit to come forward during the Post – Communion time.

Jessica took all except two of these photos from our home in Maroubra.

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (1)

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (2)

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (7)

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (9)

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (10)

The Blood of Christ the New wine of the kingdom keep you in everlasting life.

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (12)

Be Sealed with the holy Spirit

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (13)

Laying on of hands – virtually

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (15)

Br Simeon receives the Laying on of Hands from Br Andrew

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (16)

Br Simeon receives the Laying on of hands

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (17)

Grace and blessing, dismissal

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (20)

This might be greetings at sign on time

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (5)

Presentation of consecrated elements

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (23)

Taken from Maroubra 90 km away

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (24)

From Maroubra to Springwood

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (8)

Holy Communion

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (30)

Aggie in Werrington County and Jessica in Maroubra

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (25)

All present save 4

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (6)

Thanks for the fruit of the vine

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (14)

Sign of peace

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (18)


Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (19)

Final hymn

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (11)

Minister and deacon’s Communion

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (26)

Taken by Lee and Steve’s daughter on her way to a job interview

Baptism-of-the-Lord100116 (3)Baptism-of-the-Lord100116

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