The Baptism – John churchman


The Baptism

John the Baptist,
offered people (and us) a radical challenge,
a different answer.
He challenged them (and us)
to abandon the old ways, corrupt and comfortable.
He set out to return people to themselves,
to their True Selves.
To be called to the river by John
was to be drawn out of unconsciousness
into Community.
 It was coming into an identity
 that was more than anything
previously experienced as self,
submitting to a much larger common story.
That story at the Jordan
began with a naming and a claiming,
but in Jesus
 it quickly expands into a transformative ministry
of summoning, gathering, and healing
with and in Love.
That day by the Jordan
was grave and profound,
the opposite of flight.
It is arrival,
in the deepest sense.
 John’s genius
was in recognizing the power to create,
 not only new people,
but a new community.
In this new dawning,
Jesus discovered the meaning of his life.

Speaking My Truth: The Baptism. 2016. Speaking My Truth: The Baptism. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2016].


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