Saint of the day – 20th February 2016


Descripiton: -St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney. William Grant Broughton, the first Bishop of Australia 1836, then Bishop of Sydney, 1847-1853. Founder of St Andrews Cathedral. Source -Before 1854 from an old picture reproduced in The Book of St Andrew’s Cathedral, S.M.Johnstone. Author unknown, OPD


William Grant Broughton (22 May 1788 – 20 February 1853) was the first (and only) Bishop of Australia of the Church of England. (The Diocese of Australia was later divided into a number of smaller dioceses.)

Broughton was born in Westminster and educated at The King’s School, Canterbury where he was a King’s scholar. His fortunes turned from commerce to theology when he inherited a substantial sum, allowing him to study at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He graduated B.A. as 6th wrangler in 1818[1] and was that year also ordained deacon and priest and married to Sarah Francis. He graduated M.A. in 1823. He became a curate in Hampshire and later in Surrey where he was noticed by the Duke of Wellington who materially assisted his prospects, including influence in Broughton being offered the Archdeaconry of Sydney….. Source wikipedia

This bishop must be one of the most heavily referrenced and biographed I have come across in my research of the various saints of the day. The lengthiest biography I came across was at the Australian Dictionary of Biography and decided that only the most avid Australian Anglican would manage to read it.

He is important to hold in memorial because he was the first unifying force in an erstwhile continent of disunion. There never was another Bishop of Australia, the Country now being divided into Provinces and Diocese each with their own Bishops.


Many Sydney districts such as Wollongong Diocese have been rendered semi invisible by the practice of appointing assistant Bishops of Sydney rather than Bishops in their own right. I mention Wollongong because it was a Diocese I spent time in when it was a Bonafide Diocese in its own right and had a voice as to what Theology was espoused there which is not always the case today with Parishes within the Sydney Archdiocese.

Collect of a saint or bishop Colour W

Readings at Communion: Deuteronomy 26:16-19;Psalms 119:1-8; Matthew 5:43-48



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