Reading the Words and doing them


Francis of Assisi fell so in love with God and God’s Word that he wanted nothing more than to live the Gospel. His understanding of Scripture shaped the way he strove to imitate Jesus in every aspect of his life.

A Franciscan priest, Scripture scholar, and teacher, Fr. Hilarion Kistner explores how Francis heard, lived, and proclaimed the Gospel. He considers Francis’s profound love for the Gospel, the movement of the Holy Spirit through the written word, the heart of the Gospels, and how Francis lived in the Gospel light.

Source: The Gospel According to St. Francis

2 thoughts on “Reading the Words and doing them

    • Dear Rick, thank you for reminding me why I began Retheologizing in the first place, I seem to have strayed from my first intention to expound the works of st Francis. Francis teaches us how to follow Jesus and gives a living example to follow, he never wrote or spoke unless it was from the Scriptures or to explain them.


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