The Beginning


The Beginning


This week: kind of tiring and confusing. Inspired by reading I have been doing and having my heart touched by some amazing poetry.

Today, God had me see myself in church last week. Perfectly. Like the scene out of a movie. Exact. Then He asked, “Why were you there?”

Whoa….good question with lots of possible answers. Pastor Dale says that we often attend church because we want to be changed. I believe that is true.

I think God is starting to reveal a message to me…about how we can be a gentle witness and maybe explain faith in simpler terms to those spiritually seeking.

What do we think of when we think of church? It seems in a sense, generic, but I think what God wants me to understand is how amazingly personal it can be. And for us to gently share that image.

My prayer for us is to talk with God about what He wants us to know when we are sitting in church. Of course, He wants us to soak in His Word and contemplate the message and enjoy our time of praise and worship. I think there is more. I know there is more.

God’s Holy Spirit has a personal message for each of us! I’m convinced if we dig deeper in prayer and ask for that revelation, we will know. It is promised.

Source: The Beginning

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