Seventh Sunday of Easter year c – Br Andrew Efo

Blue Mountains Franciscan Church , Sermon preached from Maroubra on Sunday 8th May

Service Skyped from The Franciscan Chapel in Winmalee and Br Andrew’s home in Maroubra


That They May All Be One


Prayer for all Believers

Reading John 17:20-26

This is the Unity Prayer that Christ prayed for the world in the hours leading to his death.

What is this Unity?

That we all might be one!

What is this Oneness?

It the identical Oneness which Jesus and the Father had with each other.

What or how was this oneness expressed or experienced?


The gospel tells us that it was that kind of oneness wherein each one, both Father and Son experienced the presence of the other within himself, the Father in Jesus and Jesus in his Father. This is the experience they want for us, “may they also be in us” The nature of the experience is not specified the preposition ‘As’ suffices – and it is in this multiplicity of God in humanity and humanity in God by which the world may believe that the Father has sent the Son.


When we think of such words as “we are all one body in Jesus Christ our Lord” (expanded in 1 Corinthians 12:12-14) and “Your bodies are the temple of the holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:19) remember it goes both ways, as God is in us so are we also in God.


It is awesome to contemplate that our Lord’s desire for his People is to dwell within God as God dwells within His People.

Once this is so then we shall inherit that glory which Christ had before the creation of the world.


From this thought Jesus says that as yet the world does not yet know God as it is meant to know God, his disciples will be given the Great Commission and we are bound to take it up until every last soul who is to be saved is born and all who will be one are one. “So that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them” (John 17:26 NRSV)


Read Acts 16:16-34


As Paul’s experience in the gaol in Philippi shows, being possessed by the Most High God can have its draw backs especially when we take the gospel to places where its reception is not an economically viable proposition.



I looked at the Greek, in the hopes that there might have been another word for the unity Christ spoke of, but no, the word used is the same as the word for the numeral one

a.εἷς, μία, ἐν, genitive ἑνός, μιᾶς, ἑνός, a cardinal numeral, one. Or opposed to a division into parts, and in ethical matters to dissensions: as we have in our reading today – John 17 :21 where this is used


source:  STRONGS NT 1520: εἷς


Image source: Heartlight Devotionals – Powerpoint backgrounds


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