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As I pray for Mike and Deb and their mission in Uganda, God guided me to the following to share:

We are fellow helpers with God, co-creators in everything we do. When Word and work are returned to their source and origin, then all work is accomplished divinely in God. And there too the soul loses itself in a wonderful enchantment.”

– Meister Eckhart

What a wonderful outlook! “we are fellow helpers with God…..” Do we ever see ourselves as co-creators? “When Word and work…..” are combined, we have that opportunity!

My prayer for us today is to consider helping God. Spend time in prayer, asking God where He wants you to be and Who he wants you to minister to. If we follow God’s whisper and obey what we hear, I see how we can be “co-creators in everything we do.”

Aso our world seems to become more divided and afraid, let us find these words to be of encouragement, strength and peace. May we minister to those in need and those spiritually seeking.

Source: Works « discoveringandsharinggrace

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