Franciscan Saint of the dayBlessed Beatrice Da Silva

18th August  Blessed Beatrice Da Silva  Virgin

Rostro Beatriz Silva Portrait of Saint Beatrix of Silva, of 17th cent., of anonymous painter, Public Domain


Second Order

Feast day September 1st  

Beatrice was born of Portuguese parents at Ceuta on Moroccan soil, and manifested a special attachment to our Immaculate Mother very early in life. At the court of the king of Castile she was presented and cast into prison by a jealous queen, but by the visible intervention of the Immaculate Queen of heaven, she was released and justified with great honor. Then she left the court and went to Toledo. On the journey thither St. Francis and St. Anthony appeared to her and announced that she would be the founder of a new order. [Go to Ecumenical Franciscan Order]

Source: Blessed Beatrice Da Silva

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