The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

The Weekly Headlines

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  1. WATCH: Student Told To REMOVE American Flag From Truck – The TOWN’s Rebellious Response Will Make Shout, ‘AMERICA!’

  2. Bill…follow his lead!!

  3. Back to the Beach: MUSCLE BEACH PARTY (AIP 1964)

  4. State Dept. Confuses Press on Multiple Issues Involving Iran Deal

  5. Site Down?

  6. The Geometry of Women

  7. Peering through Yorkshire village windows

  8. World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

  9. The time had come to open her heart

  10. Quote of the Day

  11. What does Messiah mean?

  12. If You Are Wondering WHY Obama, the DHS, and Jeh Johnson

  13. Facebook Fail

  14. Happy birthday, Franz

  15. Donald Trump Immigration Speech in Phoenix:: “There Will Be No Amnesty”…

  16. Dallas Police Chief David Brown unexpectedly …

  17. Melania Trump sues Daily Mail for $150M for saying she …

  18. Denial of sanctuary cities

  19. $16 Million Food Stamp bust in Baltimore, check out the names

  20. A Vision Of George Washington

  21. Trump goes to Mexico

  22. When Demons Win

  23. Our God is Awesome

  24. Ela fotografa lugares abandonados em Veneza para chamar atenção pra eles   (She photographing abandoned places in Venice to call attention to them)

  25. Happy September 1, 2016

  26. Current look back at the home front

  27. One Look

  28. Personalizing My Semicolon Tattoo

  29. Debbie Wasserman Schultz wins her primary in Florida?

  30. Christian Standards

  31. Quote of the Day

  32. Hey, NeverTrump Douches: Tom Tancredo GOES OFF on #NeverTrump

  33. Chaos Will Erupt Across America …. No Matter Who Wins the Election

  34. Turn the Page

  35. Note to self…Aug. 31st

  36. Individuals in Community

  37. Bill Whittle: Black Lives Matter Kills People

  38. A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election

  39. Feds want to take over election process, Obama donor owns foreign election software

  40. They probably need the money

  41. Can’t win even if they cheat?

  42. Discovering the Fountain of Youth

  43. VIDEO Cleaning Out Stench Of The Political Swamp in DC, Best NonAd For Trump – Hillary Please Stop Killing People

  44. Our Lord Jesus, by his death

  45. HuffPo’s David Seaman Freaks Out And Expects to Be Killed for Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Health

  46. My best friend for life

  47. Careless Clintons: Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes for Months Says General Hugh Shelton

  48. A favourite song of the 70s

  49. How to be the Boss and have Friends


  51. We are all oppressed!

  52. Trump Hires Gandalf to Confront the Vast Powers of Darkness Arrayed Against Him

  53. Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control

  54. Medical Insurance and US

  55. Grieving is a Lifetime Experience

  56. In Christ

  57. . . . pursue what is good . . .

  58. Clinton Speech Today; LIES LIES LIES

  59. Kellyanne Conway Discusses The Polls With Sean Hannity…

  60. 6 Ways Your Skin Can Benefit From Eating Pomegranate

  61. Wasp – Up Close and Personal

  62. Teach Me

  63. People Get Ready

  64. The Real Choice: A lesser or true evil

  65. Trace Adkins, Knoxville concert venue to donate $10K to family of slain Maryville police officer


  67. A Dance Of Tease

  68. God Hears your Prayers

  69. The “Alt-Right” is a Bunch of Dangerous Racist Nationalistic Hillbillies Who Need to be Stopped…

  70. Some people take things way too literally

  71. Illegal alien enablers and the lying media

  72. Why should a White Boy from the Lily White Suburbs Give a Rats Behind What Happens to Blacks or the Inner City??

  73. Two Hearts

  74. don’t repeat this to anyone, but…



  77. Colin Kaepernick Not a Fan of the Flag by AlfonZo Rachel

  78. NFL star refuses to stand for national anthem; this happens IMMEDIATELY

  79. Father’s View of the Presidential Candidates and he says “prepare for disappointment”

  80. Water we supposed to do about this?

  81. Happy Caturday

  82. Trumpocrats?: Dems voting for Trump?…

  83. Asshat Alert: Obama scolds Louisana rescuers for nonexistent discrimination

  84. Giuliani makes predications about the presidential debates

  85. Hillary Clinton: the pro-choice candidate

  86. God’s Wrecking Ball

  87. Evil walks the Earth

  88. Dear Mr. President

Source: The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

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