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Yesterday, I had some extra time before an appointment and decided to call a wonderful friend. A friend I had somewhat lost contact with. I knew where she was and that she was ok, but it had really been a long time since we talked.

It was so awesome to hear her voice and get caught up!

Is there someone in your life that falls into this category….perhaps a phone call would bless you both today!

What about hearing God? As I have written, I really struggle to quiet myself. It is really important to be still if, as Dan reminds us, if we wish to hear God’s whisper.

My prayer for us today is about relationships. Perhaps a relationship that needs some attention…some getting caught up time. And of course, a relationship with Jesus! Let us communally pray for a quieting of our internal “noise” so we may hear God’s whisper. It is a wonderful day to hear His voice!

“The first requirement, then, for the contemplation of wisdom is that  we should take complete possession of our minds before anything else does, so that we can fill the whole house with the contemplation of wisdom. It is also necessary that we are fully present there, concentrating in such a way that our aim is not diverted to other matters.”

– Thomas Aquinas

Source: Hearing Voices « discoveringandsharinggrace


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