BMFChurch-Transitus of St Francis 3rd October

The members of the Efo celebrated the Transitus via Skype on October 3rd at 9.30 PM ESDT


Here are some screenshots of the event


t1 t4


Extract from ” The First Life of St Francis of Assisi” by Thomas Celano 3rd October the Transitus of St Francis

Chapter 7: How he came from Siena to Assisi: of the Church of Santa Maria in Portiuncula and of the blessing of the brethren

105. Now in the sixth month before the day of his death, while he was at Siena for the treatment of the infirmity of his eyes, he began grievously to sicken in all the rest of his body; and the stomach being weakened through long standing disease and the disordered state of the liver, he vomited much blood, so that he seemed to be drawing nigh to death. On hearing of this, brother Elias came to him from a distance with the utmost haste, and when he arrived the holy father recovered so much that he left Siena and came with Elias to Cella di Cortona. He came there and remained there some time during which his belly, his legs and his feet swelled, and his stomach became more and more deranged so that he could scarcely take any food. Then he asked brother Elias that he would have him brought to Assisi. The good son did what the kind father wished, prepared all things and brought him to the longed-for place. The city rejoiced over the arrival of the blessed father, and the mouths of all the people praised God, for the whole multitude hoped that the holy man might soon die,61 and this was the matter of their so great exultation. And so it came to pass by the will of God, namely, that his holy soul, when released from the body passed to the Kingdom of Heaven from the place where, while still abiding in the flesh, the knowledge of heavenly things had been first vouchsafed to him, and the saving unction poured upon him.[go to church web]

Source: BMFChurch-Transitus



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