A New Command | The Life Project

A New Command

John 13:18-38

The scene continues from last time, it is the last supper in the upper room.  Jesus and His disciples are reclining at the table as Jesus continues his remarks after washing their feet. He has just said that if they follow the example that he set when he washed their feet, they would be blessed.  Now he modifies that by saying that one of them would not be blessed; He will send Judas on his way shortly…

Jesus is concerned that His coming betrayal and death not be understood as His mission being thwarted.  Instead he attempts to convey that everything is proceeding according to God’s amazing, if counter-intuitive plan.  In short, creating the community of believers, the church, was the whole point of Jesus’ ministry and not an accident or a “fall back” position.

The time for Jesus to leave subtle hints and illusions has passed; He tells them plainly that one of them will betray Him; they are shocked.  It would appear that Peter asked John to find out from Jesus who the traitor was and John’s question and Jesus’ answer was in a whisper.  He indicated Judas who was next to Him on the other side from John… (vv. 21-26)

Jesus gives the bread to Judas, who accepts it.  It is hard to imagine that Judas has not heard what has passed between John and Jesus… and he accepts the [bread]

Source: A New Command | The Life Project



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