The Weekly Headlines Posted on November 5, 2016 by lafayetteangel

The Weekly Headlines

Changes Coming

  1. Friday happy dance

  2. Todays and tomorrows

  3. Everything You Read on the Internet is True….

  4. FEAR

  5. Quote of the Day

  6. Origin and history of “drain the swamp” (Mother Jones, Reagan, Rumsfeld, Pelosi)

  7. Orange

  8. Anonymous: US In Total Breakdown After FBI Does This

  9. CFACT exposes GW gurus latest tactics

  10. This election has disgraced the entire profession of journalism

  11. On the edge of chaos

  12. WIKILEAKS : Wife of Biased “La Raza” Judge Ruling on Trump Lawsuit is Cozy with Hillary and John Podesta

  13. Yesterday I told you there would be horrifying news. Here is the horror.

  14. Assange: “Trump Won’t Be Permitted to Win”

  15. BREAKING : Ex-Apprentice Summer Zervos Paid $500,000 By Gloria Allred To Accuse Trump, Deal Went To Others Too

  16. Before I rise.. Understanding She

  17. Do You Still Love?

  18. Bird nest Builder

  19. Recounting God’s gifts

  20. The Purpose Of Human Life

  21. A Question for Black America… are you better off?

  22. Brexit: A predictable betrayal

  23. No Place for Kings

  24. Hillary Clinton abandoned niece, Macy now voting for Trump

  25. The Swamp, Hillary, Creatures, Corruption, Oh My

  26. Michael Moore is a Sack of Shit

  27. Doug Hagmann: NYPD/FBI Found Sex Blackmail Network On Weiner’s Computer…

  28. Six Months of Corporate Media Gaslighting Collapses in Next 72 Hours….

  29. Spambot alert.

  30. Religious Liberty Is Not a Gift from Gov’t; It’s Bestowed by God as a Limit on Gov’t

  31. Embrace Your Trials

  32. Killer Clowns

  33. Ideas Are Everywhere

  34. Romans 8:26-27 – Holy Spirit Groaning — Odd in the Truth

  35. Important Note – Clear Your Cookies and Browser Cache Frequently…

  36. Barco Casa – the Boat House

  37. A truth of Africa and what’s happening now….getting away for a day from American politics!

  38. Minding My Business

  39. Sixty-eight years ago today

  40. Podesta puts tainted Russian Uranium shares in daughters account

  41. The Political End-Game Unraveling…Be Prepared!

  42. Quote of the Day

  43. DOJ’s Peter Kadzik Exposed Colluding With Clinton Campaign

  44. Prepare yourself for what will be the most contentious election – ever…

  45. Clinton’s Russia Attack On Trump Immediately Debunked By…The New York Times

  46. Megyn Kelly’s Audition for CNN Falls Flat

  47. O’Keefe does it again


  49. Lou Dobbs Discusses The Clinton FBI Investigation and More…

  50. Some things NEVER change?

  51. True beauty is not of the face…but of the soul!

  52. Wisdom Wednesday

  53. Germany is now a Third World Nation

  54. CNN -“Uncomfortable with what we have learned”

  55. Theory: Why Hillary Can’t Think – What If It’s Medical?

  56. Bunkerville given ‘Cry and Howl’ award

  57. What Difference At This Point Does It Make? — Plenty and she’s not done

  58. The DOJ Strikes Back

  59. ONE WEEK!…

  60. Stigma and Me

  61. Thanks for making Halloween Havoc a big success!

  62. Today’s profession

  63. CNN Caught Stealth Editing Fake Quote out of Donald Trump Story


  65. The Trump Cabinet

  66. The Giant reservoir of Blessing, Provision and Well Being is Stored up for US… but WE keep holding it back

  67. Happy Halloween- Stolen from Ronbo

  68. Getting into the Halloween spirit

  69. Happy Halloween

  70. Trick or treat

  71. Robby Mook spends Sunday throwing Huma Abedin under the bus

  72. Clinton’s web of investigation problems

  73. The Comey problem: same as the old one

  74. Quote of the Day

  75. Hillary Clinton smells like boiled cabbage, urine and farts?…

  76. Stefan Molyneux is deliciously un-PC and tells us why Hillary cannot be president…

  77. Alaska Ice Monster Sure Looks Real But Explanation Is a …

  78. WikiLeaks Email Shows How Corrupt CNN Scripted Debates/Town Halls To Benefit Hillary Clinton…

  79. Donna Brazile Leaked Other CNN Questions To Hillary Clinton

  80. Oops – Long Term Supporter Backs Out On Hillary

  81. See the difference?

  82. Martin O’Malley predicts Hillary’s server will get the death penalty…

  83. Dog Wants a Kitty

  84. ROArrrrrrrrrr!

  85. Recipe for Enduring Breast Cancer

  86. HILARIOUS: Teacher SLAMS Boy For Wearing ANTI-HILLARY Shirt – His Response Is EPIC

  87. A Voting Christian’s Prayer

  88. “News is bad for you…”


  90. The Fire of 1987

  91. Blown Away At Boscastle

  92. Poland- a land of folklore?

  93. Jo’s Monday walk : Rocha Delicada

  94. Halloween Hillary

  95. Halloween Havoc! Extra: Farewell to ‘The Cool Ghoul’, Zacherley

  96. Halloween Havoc! Extra: Bobby “Boris” Pickett Does THE MONSTER MASH With Zacherley!

  97. New Guinea ~ situation while Smitty was there

  98. Help My Doubts

  99. Haiku #167


  101. Quote of the Day

  102. Newt on the Foundation case

  103. America’s Moment Of Truth

  104. Hillary Clinton: Nothing says “respect for women” like having Jennifer Lopez shake her ample almost bare butt in your face…


  106. Disqualified

  107. WATCH: Phil Robertson BLASTS Never Trumpers – Also REVEALS What He PREACHED To Donald

  108. History’s not on our side.

  109. Comedian Bill Burr NAILS IT on Donald Trump

  110. Mass Media Stubs Hillary In Her Back!! CNN Host Stuns America, Says Clinton Team Thinks “She’s Nuts”

  111. 40 Days of Prayer For America-Day 31;

  112. Chris Matthews surprised me

  113. Halloween TV Havoc!: LIZARD’S LEG AND OWLET’S WING (“ROUTE 66”, 1962)

  114. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  115. Sunday Respite – ‘Woke up this Morning’

  116. Quote of the Day

  117. 3 ( or 4 ) Possible Reasons For Re-opening The Investigation


  119. Good bye friend

  120. What’s the Difference

  121. Half moon

  122. U Haul-Southeast Arkansas Style


  124. Six word Saturday

  125. Fun Fotos of Houses and Barns and That Creepy Feeling

  126. Snippet of The Day 10.29.16

  127. WikiLeaks Releases Batch #22 of John Podesta Emails…

  128. Mychal Massie tells the truth about Trump…

  129. Quote of the Day

  130. 10 Days Left And James Comey Drops BOMBSHELL

  131. AG Lynch ‘pleads Fifth’ on secret Iran payments

  132. Halloween gets a cat scan

  133. Happy Caturday

  134. Ship the vermin home:

18 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines Posted on November 5, 2016 by lafayetteangel

    • Thank you we have needed our angels today as Jessica has been very unwell and I had to get her to the emergency room in her wheelchair – by bus, because if she had gone by ambulance I could not have got the chair home since I have epilepsy and am not qualified to drive it. They treated her badly cut finger and she passed out, and after coffee we were blessed to catch our ‘local’ bus back to our doorstep. – In time for church by Skype

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my goodness what a day you two have had. I hope that Jessica is feeling better. I am relieved that you both arrived home safe and sound. Your angels are always ready and waiting to help, as I said you only need to ask. Call upon Archangel Raphael as he is the Angel of Healing and he will help both Jessica and you! Raphael means “God heals” wishing you both many blessings and healing.


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