St. Hilda of Whitby, November 18 2016

St. Hilda Icon

St. Hilda of Whitby (614-680), whose Feast Day is November 18 in the Episcopal Church (November 17 in others) was the Abbess of the famed Whitby Abbey, originally known as the monastery Streonshalh, location of the Synod of Whitby in 684. Hilda’s contributions go deeper than hosting the Synod, though. Hilda was born to nobility, the daughter of Hereic, nephew to King Edwin of Northumbria. Hilda, along with Edwin and other members of his court, were baptized on Easter Day 627 by the bishop Paulinus, who accompanied Augustine on the Gregorian Mission to England.

Reflections on the Feast Day of St. Hilda of Whitby[more ]

Source: St. Hilda of Whitby | Anglican History Blog



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