Eliza Marsden Hassall – Australian-CMS Missionary 2 January

Person of note

Eliza Marsden Hassall (1834-1917)

Eliza Marsden Hassall

Eliza Marsden Hassall (1834-1917), clergyman’s daughter and philanthropist, was born on 2 November 1834 at Denbigh, Cobbity, New South Wales, seventh of eight children of Rev. Thomas Hassall, colonial chaplain, and his wife Ann, eldest daughter of Rev. Samuel Marsden. Eliza was educated at home, by a governess and by her brothers’ tutors. She assisted with the Sunday schools at Heber Chapel (built by Thomas for the Denbigh estate workers) and St Paul’s Church, Cobbity (1842). Intensely interested in her extended family, with whom she corresponded, Eliza practised both domestic and estate management—even learning to make table and fortified wines. She also ministered to the families of the estate’s skilled tradesmen and tenants. Her older sisters married. She did not, devoting her life to helping her father and her eldest brother Rev. James Hassall, caring for her widowed mother and finally promoting overseas missions.

Source: Biography – Eliza Marsden Hassall – Australian Dictionary of Biography


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