Small Faith Groups | Sacred Quest

clipped from John Chuchman’s website
A new/old  manifestation of Church has emerged recently.
Sociologists call the contemporary culture of Spiritual networking
a new consciousness,
luring many people of faith into a post-ecclesiastical space.
Some retain tentative links with a local church;
some attend for feast days or for baptisms, marriages and funerals;
but otherwise they drift rather vaguely,
seeking an alternative community that embraces today’s bigger personal and planetary  issues while providing Spiritual Support and Nurturing.

Perhaps more obvious in the US and Australia than in Europe,
this space consists largely of people in the second half of life who have discovered that the institutional closed systems of doctrine and dogma are not transformative.
There seems little common ground for dialogue
between these post-ecclesiastical Christians and formal church structures.[read more ]

Source: Small Faith Groups | Sacred Quest


John Chuchman, MA, CDOS, Pastoral Bereavement Educator and Companion

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