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The Feast of the Stigmata 17th September 2017



Saint Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata, by Jan van Eyck (source)

From the letter of Br Elias announcing the death of Br Francis.

“I announce to you a great joy and a new miracle. It is a sign which has been
unheard of from the beginning of time except in the son of God, Christ the
Lord. Not long before his death, our brother and our father was seen to
resemble the crucified Lord, bearing in his body the five wounds which are the
marks of Christ.
His hands and his feet had the wounds of nails and were pierced on each side,
bearing the marks and showing the colour of nails. His side seemed open with
a lance and often bled. But after his death his appearance was most beautiful.
It shone with a wonderful radiance and gave joy to all who saw him.
When he preached the Kingdom of God, when he turned the hearts of his
listeners, when he brought the foolish to the prudence of the just, he made
ready for the Lord a new people throughout the world.” ( Via Br Luke’s Homily below)



BMFChurch . 2017. BMFChurch . [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.bmfchurch.net/. [Accessed 28 September 2017].

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