This is the gallery and Sermon blog of the Blue Mountains Franciscan church.

For those of you who live anywhere near Penrith or the lower to middle Mountains area we just might be the worshiping community you are longing for.

We are an unaffiliated Protestant Community Church of the congregational model, our clergy take our  ministerial rights or Faculties from our Parishioners.

We are a Sacramental Community holding to the two Sacraments or Ordinances of Baptism and Communion given to the Church by Christ himself, we acknowledge the other five sacraments instituted by the Church.

Though Anglicans, we are all Ordained in Roman Apostolic Succession and for those who come to us who hold to the Seven sacraments our Faculties are valid according to Rome to administer the sacrament of Reconciliation, and of Anointing.

Some explanations later – see we believe

We are licensed to perform the Sacrament of Holy Wedlock.

And funerals by arrangement

Br Luke - Parish Priest Br Simeon- assistant Priest and Br Andrew -deacon

Br Luke – Pastor Br Simeon-  Priest and Br Andrew -Minister


Contact Us:
Pastor: Br Luke efo and Rev. Br Simeon, efo
Minster: Br Andrew efo.

Phone: 0477 696 512
Email: bmfchurch@bigpond.com.

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