Chance-A Parish is as a Parish does


Posted: 20 Jun 2016 09:18 AM PDT

I cannot deliberately evoke chance, but I strive to be on the alert for it, preparing myself to recognize it and grow with it when it comes. Simply realizing the importance of chance has been a big help to me. I have cultivated an attitude of mind to be constantly on the look-out for the unexpected and have made a habit of examining every clue that chance presents.

Wonder-full discoveries are made when I give attention to the slightest clue; so much so that I now go through life looking for the unexpected. I wonder whether the ability to be attentive to Nature’s slightest deviation from her unexpected conduct is a key to my personal growth and one that explains why I am able to turn to good advantage seemingly trivial accidents. I have learned that such attention requires my unremitting sensitivity.

Everybody notices an exception when it is striking and frequent, but an exception apparently slight and unconnected is passed over by many almost unconsciously with some half considered explanation, which is in fact no explanation.

It is these things that I choose to examine and use. When I can keep an independent mind and am able to judge an experience on its own merits rather than in light of prevailing conceptions, I am able to realize new potentialities. I have learned that interpreting unexpected events and realizing their possible significance requires an open mind, imagination, and a desire to contemplate unexplained observations, Chance.

Speaking my Truth

A Parish is as a Parish does

Posted: 20 Jun 2016 08:57 AM PDT

As a Catholic for many decades, I find that much of the spiritual and pastoral work of churches is ineffective for any real transformation of consciousness. I find that people facing the important transformative issues of discrimination, social injustice, divorce, failure, gender identity, inner prayer life, or any real understanding of Jesus are usually bored and uninspired by the typical Sunday church agenda. And these are good people! But they keep on doing their survival dance because no one has told them about their sacred dance.

Most churches just keep doing same old same old over and over again with young people made to think that what their parish priest offers is all there is and all they should expect or that they are home free because they believe and repeat a few right things or perform some correct rituals correctly.

The pew-sitting believers are not challenged to any adult faith or service to the world, much less mystical union. The Catholic notion of Religious Ed is the programming of children; mature Catholic educated in Faith are too dangerous and challenging to the status quo. Thus, most parishioners ends up in a muddled middle, where the best lack conviction to change and the worst are full of passionate intensity not to change.

Much of this pastoral and practical ineffectiveness has emerged because Church Hierarchy is not at all interested in the needs and the somewhat conflicting challenges of our true Spiritual Growth, our Transformation.

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