The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

The Weekly Headlines

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  1. Quote of the Day

  2. Friday happy dance

  3. Rustlers were Hanged in the early days

  4. Happy Caturday — end-of-daylight-saving edition

  5. with reservation

  6. OOPS: CNN accidentally exposes its own blatant pro-Hillary setup…

  7. President-Elect Donald Trump: A Man of Courage | Your New Life In Christ Ministries-CWW7NEWS

  8. 26 arrested in Portland anti-Trump march following violent clashes

  9. SHOCKER: Rush Limbaugh Predicts THIS For Democrats … Can It Be True?

  10. RIP Robert Vaughn: Another Magnificent Actor Gone

  11. Trump’s FIRST Order: Anyone Burning An American Flag To Be Charged With TREASON

  12. Memo To Harry Reid

  13. Let’s Celebrate the Brave Men and Women Who Have Served This Country by Creating Chaos and Destruction …


  15. Thank you to all who served

  16. Whatever

  17. Trump’s Presidency

  18. You’re Gonna Make It After All

  19. Veteran’s Day ~ Remembrance

  20. What the World Needs Now

  21. Special Veteran’s Day Edition: BACK TO BATAAN (RKO 1945)

  22. Signs of a Coming Economic and Social Explosion that will Lift All Boats

  23. Happy birthday, Ennio

  24. Mark Levin: ‘Bob Corker must not be Secretary of State’

  25. Winning in a ‘feel bad’ sort of way

  26. Not Anti-Trump… No Job

  27. Disbelief Settles Heavy Over United Nations At A President-Elect Trump

  28. Thank You Hannity

  29. Quote of the Day

  30. Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About the Trump Protests

  31. Canadian Militia Vows To Protect Borders From Illegal Americans

  32. So It Begins

  33. Trump Goes to DC, Riots, and When Michael Savage and Alex Jones become mainstream…

  34. Did the Liberal Left get it wrong?

  35. The sneering response to Trump’s victory reveals exactly why he won

  36. Why Hillary?

  37. Hey, Quit Calling Me a Bigot!!!

  38. America: Watch, for I See a Mighty Backlash!

  39. A Muslim Convert Once More: Bahirah (r.a.), the Nestorian

  40. The Lord is Sovereign

  41. compassion

  42. Women and Politics

  43. More Veterans Will Be Filling Congressional Seats on Capitol Hill Next Year as Trump Takes the Helm

  44. Strength in Unity

  45. Light Up Your Bowl!

  46. Bonanza Farms 1875


  48. Ascending

  49. Here’s why the protests and riots against Trump will backfire big time

  50. Thanking gift in GIF.

  51. Hurt Crying Hillary Clinton supporters trying to deal with the new reality

  52. The World Gets A Dose of Butthurt

  53. Quote of the Day

  54. Donald, Winston, Maggie…does it fit?

  55. President Donald Trump!!!

  56. The Election.. when Flesh Trumped

  57. American Uprising

  58. Doug Schoen: What Trump’s incredible victory means for Democrats (it may surprise you)

  59. D.W. Ulsterman on Why the Media and Political Elite were so Wrong about the 2016 Election…

  60. My reply to Hillary’s concession speech

  61. Congratulations, America: You won your second War of Independence!

  62. My thoughts on the Outcome of the Election

  63. The Writing’s on the Wall, but there’s no-one left to read it

  64. God Bless America

  65. BOOM: Say Hello To President Donald J. Trump!

  66. Point . . .made . . .

  67. US Elections

  68. Time For Our Land To Be Healed

  69. Are you sure?

  70. WHAT????

  71. Where is there a more sinful spot to be found upon our guilty globe?

  72. God Bless America:   theunfetteredpreacher

  73. The Memes Are Flying

  74. The Weekly Headlines Posted on November 5, 2016 by lafayetteangel

  75. President of the United States of America-Donald Trump

  76. Quote of the Day

  77. A New Day Dawns For America

  78. MAGA!…

  79. May God Bless President-Elect Donald J. Trump…

  80. I have not seen such a sight in 30 years…

  81. 4:00pm Election Day Ground Reports – What’s Going On…

  82. Lady Gaga Campaigns with Hillary Dressed as Satanic Witch

  83. Snippet of The Day 11.07.16


  85. Valladolid. Carnival Queen / Królowa karnawału

  86. A rendezvous with “we the people”

  87. Dear America

  88. God bless America

  89. Praying For This Country

  90. A Bucket List Day at Knott’s Berry Farm

  91. The Birdies Go Tweet Tweet Tweet

  92. D-Day

  93. What happens when the guy who stocks the shelves gets bored

  94. Doug Band reveals Clinton Foundation Inc. ‘For Profit’ activity

  95. America, turn the page

  96. Quote of the Day

  97. There is nothing left to say, but much left to do…

  98. Praying for America

  99. East Texas Child Murdered by Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant


  101. Titleless Title

  102. Left behind

  103. Quirky Quotes 07.11.2016

  104. Smitty ~ Letter IX

  105. A Matter of Life and Death

  106. By God’s Mercy, I am Still Here!

  107. Hillary !! Election year 2016

  108. Bogus Internet pleas and what to do with them

  109. Jo’s Monday walk : The Masmorra Trail

  110. A Waltz down Memory Lane

  111. Arsenic and Old Lace

  112. A Catholic Priest and America’s election….WOW (and some humor!)

  113. The Fix:

  114. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  115. Quote of the Day

  116. Lance Wallnau Sees a Spiritual Dimension to This Election and Believes Trump’s Breakout is Nothing Short of Miraculous


  118. Wet and windy

  119. Un-FREAKING-believable!

  120. Good housekeeping

  121. Respect !

  122. MEGYN KELLY’S EX: ‘I Wanted A Wife And So Did Megyn’ – This Explains A LOT

  123. Hillary blaming everyone else for Weiner’s “Cocktober Surprise”

  124. VIDEO SCOTUS Voting-Rights Decisions in AZ, NJ – ICE Officers Warn – FEC Warns Of Dem Voter Fraud

  125. Power of Persistence

  126. Thoughts from a troubled mind

  127. Seoraksan National park

  128. Clinton Thug Attempts To Rush Trump on Stage In Reno Nevada – Crowd and Secret Service Intercept (video)…

  129. Obamacare Victims Revolt: ‘We Don’t have that Kind of Money’

  130. Singing.. HIGHWAY TO HELL

  131. Happy Caturday — Guy Fawkes Day edition

  132. Guy Fawkes, call your office

  133. Sunday Respite ‘God Bless Trump and the USA’

  134. Does this sound racist?

  135. BREAKING: Secret Service Stops Trump Assassin

  136. Quote of the Day

  137. Judge Jeanine: We Need a President Not Under Criminal Investigation!

  138. Donald Trump’s Argument For America…

  139. Cleaning Out the DVR Pt 10: Halloween Leftovers


  141. Al Qaeda…why NOT???

  142. Hillary’s Play List

  143. Bug Friends


  145. Please Pray

  146. En la palma de mi mano   (Hand in the palm dela)

  147. Getting the Facts Straight

  148. A leftist/feminist hero:

  149. Huma Abedin – The mole within.

  150. Campaign rats’ nest of who’s who

  151. I’ve been attacked by Russian hackers…

  152. Setting the Stage: “It’s the Russians”

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